Hermetic Pumps
  • HRP six models
  • HRP3232, 5040, 5050, 8050, 8050/2 (R404a), 100.80
  • Three design pressures
  • PN40, PN65, PN90 bar

Open Pumps

  • GP type five models
  • GP41/42, 51/51A/52

High Side Float Regulators

  • HR1–HR4 (for HFC’s)
  • HS30-HS50 (for CO2)
  • WP2HR-WP3HR for Ammonia Heat Pumps
  • HR1-BW condensate draining

Economiser Type ECO

Pressure Vessel Units

  • Complete pumping stations with pipework, pump differential switches and gauges           
  • Surge drums – low pressure
  • Liquid Receivers – high pressure
  • Oil Recovery System

Heat Exchangers

  • Spray Chiller – BVKF
  • Welded Plate in Shell – PVS
  • Liquid/Hot gas Heat Exchanger - DWR
Refrigeration Products
Ice Water Equipment
  • Vertical Ice Bank Silo’s
  • Coil in tank ice water plant
  • Ice thickness measuring equipment
  • Agitators for ice water tanks

Special Application Equipment

Maximum Level Switch – NGX

Manual oil drainage system

  • Oil Receiver HDB
  • Quick acting drain valve – SSV6

Automatic Oil Return System

  • Barrel Dosing Pump – BDP
  • Heat Exchanger

Genuine Witt spare parts*

  • Refrigerant Pumps
  • HP Floats
  • Dosing Pump
  • Spray Chiller
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Refrigeration Valves

* Caution
We have had reports of expensive pump failures due to fake spares being used.  Only use genuine Witt spare parts.


At Pennine we have come to respect Titan’s ‘no nonsense’ approach. Due to their high standard of technical backup we can expect a considered answer to questions and not the answer we would prefer. High on Pennine’s list of ‘quality’ suppliers, Titan maintain a suitable stock level of ‘bread and butter’ equipment and get things to site speedily and with minimum fuss. This keeps wasted time on site to a minimum.

Technical Director
Pennine Environmental Services Ltd

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